How to Get the Most Our of Your Invisalign

Traditional metal braces have been around for decades and have rightfully earned their place as the most reliable and durable treatment option for even the most complex cases.

Recently, however, there has been a growth in patients wanting more discreet treatment options. We are happy to offer clear braces to our patients, but what if you want something even more “invisible” than that? No worries! We also offer Invisalign and 3M clear aligners!

Clear aligners are removable transparent trays that apply pressure to align the teeth and jaw.

Invisalign manufactures 100% custom-made trays using advanced 3D technology to give the most comfortable and precise treatment possible. 

To help you get the most out of your treatment with clear aligners, we have compiled a list of some of the most common issues and how to combat them for a healthy, happy smile.

1.) “It’s fine if I skip a few days, right?”

Moving the position of teeth is a delicate process. Skipping a day or two or three gives your teeth plenty of time to move backward, which can delay the completion of your treatment.

It is essential to wear the aligners daily for twenty-two hours, only removing them for eating or cleaning, for the most effective and efficient treatment. 

2.) Leaving your aligners out to eat.

You must always remove your aligners to eat or drink anything other than water! Neglecting to do so can make eating uncomfortable and damage your aligners. Invisalign trays are stain-resistant, but food residue on your trays can still discolor them and make them more noticeable when worn.

We want to keep the aligners looking like new! After every meal, rinse your mouth with water to remove any remaining food or drink before wearing the trays. 

3.) Never cleaning your Invisalign clear aligners.

It is important to remember to clean your Invisalign trays because unclean trays can grow bacteria and plaque that lead to infection and a foul-smelling tray, neither of which are good motivators to wear the trays. Luckily, a huge advantage of clear aligners is that they are a low-maintenance treatment option. Keeping them clean does not disrupt your routine and only takes a few minutes!

To clean them, you first remove the trays from the mouth. Then, gently brush them with unscented antibacterial soap and let them dry completely before putting them on. This should be done twice daily when you perform your oral hygiene routine.

If you need a deeper clean, avoid using toothpaste and opt for Invisalign Cleaning Crystals instead. Toothpaste is often too harsh and can damage the surface of the trays, making them noticeable and uncomfortable when worn.

4.) “Wait, where did my aligners go?”

The clear, thin design of the Invisalign trays makes them comfortable for all-day usage but easy to break or lose when not worn! When not wearing your aligners, always put them in their protective case, even if it is just for a moment. The case protects them from physical harm and guards them against germs. You don’t want to find them in a restaurant trash can or in your dog’s mouth! It is also much easier to keep track of the carrying case because it is easier to see, and you can carry it in your pocket, purse, or bag without risk.

5.) Trying to Speed Things Up.

With Invisalign, you are given multiple trays at once. Each tray is worn for one to two weeks before advancing to the next set in the series. It can be tempting to make the switch a few days early or skip a tray entirely to complete treatment quicker. 

Unfortunately, the more you try to hurry treatment, the slower it will be. Trying to force your teeth into an Invisalign tray that does not fit could break or damage the tray, and going out of order could alter your teeth’s movement path. On top of that, you could cause yourself unnecessary pain or avoidable complications. Treatment will be prolonged to make corrections or wait on new trays.

We want to see your new smile as much as you do! For faster, reliable results, please follow your treatment plan.

6.) But what if I do lose my aligners?

We know life happens, and sometimes even the most careful patient can lose or break a tray. This is why we always tell patients to keep their old aligners when they switch to the next tray. That way, if you lose a tray, you can wear the previous tray to keep the teeth from backtracking too much. Remember, you don’t want to jump to the next tray ahead of time unless Dr. Moffett or Dr. Walley tell you to!

If you lose your aligners, schedule an appointment with our office as soon as possible so Dr. Moffett and Dr. Walley can adjust your treatment plan or order new trays if necessary. 

How to Get the Most Our of Your InvisalignWant more Invisalign dos and don’ts?

We know navigating the world as an Invisalign user can be challenging. That is why at Moffett & Walley Orthodontics, we strive to create an encouraging and welcoming environment for all our patients to inspire healthy habits for happy smiles.

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