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Straightening Teeth, Creating Smiles

Here at Moffett & Walley Orthodontics, you can learn about us by our philosophy: "Love. Give. Smile."

Dr. Moffett and our team happily transform smiles through orthodontics for patients of all ages living around Clinton and Madison, MS.

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What Sets Us Apart?

Whether you're getting braces as a teen, child, or adult, you'll love our fun atmosphere, exceptional care, and loving team.

Why Choose Us?

So Friendly & Helpful

"I highly recommend Dr. Walley and Dr. Moffett! I've used them for all 3 of my children and have been extremely pleased with the results!

-Ashley E.
Moffet & Walley Orthodontics
Dr. Jared Moffett

Meet Dr. Moffett

Dr. Moffett is committed to excellence, and you can see that in every smile he creates through braces and Invisalign.

As a board-certified orthodontist, Dr. Moffett uses braces and Invisalign to give you a smile you can feel proud of.

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Meet Dr. Walley

Before retiring, Dr. Walley set orthodontic standards in the Jackson area for more than 40 years.

With a long-standing legacy in our community, Dr. Walley created outstanding smiles that still last today.

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Dr. Kenneth Walley
Madison Braces

Office Philosophy

We know our job is to work as a team to help straighten teeth and create beautiful smiles, but there's so much more that is important to us. Our orthodontic family has worked together for years and we know that our impact goes beyond teeth.

With that said, we have embraced the philosophy of "Love. Give. Smile." While we do "love giving smiles", this philosophy means much more than that to us.

In our office, it means that we:


We work to share the love of Christ with you and your family.


We use our practice to give back to our community in many ways.


Smiling references the attitude that we try to have each and every day. Simply put, it is impossible not to smile when you enjoy what you do.

While we do create beautiful smiles each day, we are all thankful to have an office that allows us to positively impact our patients and their families.